Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What if my child does not speak French ?

The school offers a welcoming service for non-French-speaking students. The objective is to enable non-French-speaking students to acquire French and to master French language main functions: written and spoken language understanding / writing and speaking. This learning should enable students to quickly follow the programs of the French school system.

The conditions of registration :

  • An entry test in the language mastered by the child
  • An agreement with the parents for effective family follow-up

The pedagogical functioning :

  • All students in the Welcome Class are registered at an ordinary class corresponding to their level or age. This is the reference class conducted by a volunteer teacher and a teacher specializing in teaching French as the language of instruction.
  • The specialised teacher works with the concerned pupils either in the reference class or in a welcome class according to a well-defined timetable.
  • The acquisition of the French language is initially done by means of a “Français langue de scolarisationé (FLSco)” (French Education Language) method in order to give children the means to understand and express themselves in everyday and familiar communication situations. These situations provide children with lexical knowledge and basic grammatical structures on which a broader knowledge of the language is gradually being built. The oral language is prevalent among all students in the first term. However, written language practice times are introduced immediately for cycle 3 students.