Student Council


  • the Principal
  • Student class representatives
  • 2 representatives of teaching and education staff appointed each year by the school board among the school’s voluntary teaching and education staff.
  • 1 representative of administrative, social and health, technical, workers and voluntary service staff of the establishment who is appointed each year by the School board..
  • Any voluntary staff of the establishment belonging to this category, whether or not he is a member of the School board,, may be designated in his respective category.
  • 2 representatives of students’ parents.

Responsibilities of the Student Council

The Student Council makes proposals on the training of student representatives.

It must be consulted on the following questions:

a) the general principles of the organization of studies, the organization of school time and the development of the school plan as well as the development or modification of internal regulations;

b) general arrangements for the organization of personal work and student support;

c) information relating to guidance and relating to school and university studies, professional careers;

d) health, hygiene and safety and the layout of spaces allocated to students in the establishment;

e) the organization of sports, cultural and extracurricular activities.

The Student Council can adopt decisions in its field of competence.