The Anatole France French Lycée welcomes students with a significant social mix and a real diversity of origins (23 nationalities) but also socio-professional categories, ranging from the expatriate community to families of very modest means.

To help students of Armenian nationality, who now represent 58.7% of the school’s students, the Lycée’s Board of Directors voted on February 17, 2020 to create a specific scholarship program. Aid is allocated by a commission chaired by the French Ambassador to Armenia.

The Lycée needs you to help the Armenian families facing financial difficulties.

The implementation of this help has been made even more urgent by the COVID-19 crisis which has hit many families.
This scholarship fund is supplied by two sources of funding: the school’s tuition income, on one hand, and contributions from sponsors (foundations, individual donors, companies), on the other.
Your help is invaluable in supporting the education of young Armenians: thank you for your support, for their future.

The new Armenia is built today, at the Anatole France French Lycée Anatole France. Let us contribute together to the education of the elites of tomorrow.