Elementary school

The elementary school is the basis on which training is built, which must lead young people to the highest level of qualification and prepare them for their lives as citizens.

  • To guarantee a satisfactory mastery of fundamental learning
  • To provide equal opportunities and successful integration into society for all
  • To support each student by helping them to overcome any difficulties they may have
  • To allow everyone to express their excellence

Mastering the French language, learning the first notions of mathematics and preparing the citizen are the priorities of the training provided at primary school. Place is also provided to the teaching of a living language, sport, science, artistic and cultural education, computer science, civic and moral education.

Elementary school takes into account cultural and technological challenges: it includes the learning of a living language, science education, art education and computer science.

The elementary school’s weekly schedules are spread over 28 hours.

Basic learning cycle (First- Second – Third classes / CP-CE1-CE2)

Disciplinary fields                                  Average weekly hours

French 10h
Mathematics 5h
English 1h30
Physical education 3h
Art education 2h
Arts education 2h30
Armenian 4h
Total 28h

** 10 hours per week are devoted to daily oral, reading and writing activities that are based on all disciplinary fields.

** Moral and civic education: 36 hours per year, i.e. 1 hour per week, of which 30 minutes are devoted to practical situations that encourage oral expression.

Consolidation cycle (Fourth-Fifth grades / CM1-CM2)

Disciplinary fields                                      Average weekly hours

French 8h
Mathematics 5h
English 1h30
Physical education 3h
Science and technology 2h
Arts education 2h
History and geography/ EMC** 2h30
Armenian 4h
Total 28h

Multiculturalism and multilingualism:
Your child will benefit from the school’s multicultural environment (more than 24 nationalities are represented) and the multilingual context. The teaching is conducted in French by competent professionals.

The grades:

CP 6 years old
CE1 7 years old
CE2 8 years old
CM1 9 years old
CM2 10 years old

Children’s day:

Entrance time 8։30-8։50
French school program (12pm-1pm, break and lunch) 9։00-15։10
Day care, extracurricular activities 15։15-17։00