School board

The School Board is the main body that regulates the operations of the school. It  is competent for the elementary and the middle/high school. It is responsible for all matters relating to the pedagogical and educational matters of the establishment.

Responsibilities of the School Board:

The School Board adopts:

  • the establishment plan,
  • the internal regulations of the establishment after consultation with the preparatory bodies,
  • school hours and the school year calendar,
  • the annual professional orientation education plan,
  • the training plan for establishment employees,
  • the elementary-middle/high school council’s annual action program,

The School Board issues an opinion formed by a vote on:

  • the establishment organizational chart,
  • proposals for changes in educational structures,
  • the program of activities of the sports association and clubs,
  • the health, safety and working conditions of staff,
  • questions relating to the reception and information of pupils parents, the general arrangements for their participation in the life of the establishment,
  • the programming and financing of school trips,
  • the organization of educational life,
  • special assignments assigned to staff after presentation to the educational council,
  • the reception and care of disabled students,
  • school catering.

Composition and operation of the School Board:

The School Board is a tripartite body composed of an equal number of ex officio members representing the administration, staff representatives, parents and student representatives.

The School Board is chaired by the Principal. The meetings are organized on the initiative of the Principal at least once a quarter.

The budget and the financial account are the subject of detailed information to the school board.

The School Board may, on its own initiative or at the request of the Principal, give an opinion on any matter affecting the life of the establishment.

-Members with voting rights (depending on the size of the establishment):

  • Members of the administration

– the head of the diplomatic post or his representative,

– Cooperation and Culture Counselor or his representative;

– the French consul or his representative;

– the Principal ;

– the manager ;

– the Chief Accountant;

  • Representatives of teaching and education staff and administrative and service staff
  • Pupils parents’ representatives of primary and secondary school

Members serving in an advisory capacity:

– the consular advisers of the concerned district;

– two representatives of the Foundation’s Board of Directors;

The distribution of seats on the school board is as follows:

Administration Staff Parents of pupils Pupils
4 seats
Teachers Administrative and service
3 seats 1 seat
3 seats 1 seat
Administration Staff Parents of pupils Pupils
Olivier Decottignies/Guillaume Narjollet
Christian Chale
Lusine Tevosyan
Bernard Kimes
Teachers Administrative and service
Camille Villenave
Meri Kalashyan
Catherine Gadais
Armine Sargsyan
Kevork Apkaryan
Anna Hovhannisyan
Nane Djerrahian
1 seat

Procedures for appointing parents’ representatives

Parents’ representatives are elected by proportional representation.

Each parent or guardian has only one vote, regardless of the number of children enrolled in the establishment. The number of electors cannot exceed two per family. The lists include at most a number of candidates equal to twice the seats to be filled. They may not be complete but must contain at least two names.

In schools with both levels of education, only lists that present candidates from parents of elementary and middle/high school pupils are admissible.