Training Cell

The training cell is placed under the authority of the Principal.

The members are:

  • the Principal;
  • the manager;
  • a representative of primary school staff;
  • a representative of secondary school staff;

Staff representatives are voluntary employees appointed and mandated by representatives elected to the School board.

The training cell meets several times a year and at least:

  • At the start of the school year (year N), to identify and prioritize the training needs of school personnel, for school year N + 1, after analysis of the updated school plan and the training needs of school personnel and of  the establishment. It also defines the criteria for selecting candidates (year N);
  • After the end of registrations, to analyze individual registration requests and propose to the Principal the list of candidates selected for the establishment. This proposal is based on the criteria previously agreed by the training cell;;
  • At the end of the school year, to assess the training courses in which the staff of the establishment have participated and to make training recommendations for the N + 1 school year. This report is sent to the region’s managing committee (CPM).