Nursery school (maternelle)


Appropriating language – Discovering writing
Speaking skills are the cornerstone of nursery school learning.
Children learn to exchange and express themselves. Particular attention is paid to understanding increasingly complex stories. The manipulation of language enables children to:

  • Appropriate the rules governing the structure of the sentence,
  • Acquire vocabulary during specific sequences with the help of the teacher.

Studying the sounds of speaking, acquiring the alphabetical principle and the gestures of writing prepare the systematic learning of reading and writing that will begin in the first grade.
Discovering the world
At the nursery school, the child discovers the world around him/her. He/she learns to rely on and to use spatio-temporal landmarks. He/she observes, asks questions and learns to adopt a point of view which is different from his/her own. His/her confrontation with logical thinking gives him/her a taste for reasoning. The pupil becomes able to classify, order and describe, thanks to language and various forms of representation (drawings, diagrams). He/she begins to understand what distinguishes the living from the non-living (matter, objects).
Perceiving, feeling, imaging, creating.
The nursery school offers a first artistic awareness. Drawing and plastic compositions (manufacturing different objects) on the one hand, voice and listening on the other hand, increase the child’s sensory possibilities.

Your child will benefit from the school’s multicultural environment (more than 25 nationalities are represented) and the multilingual context. The teaching is conducted in French by competent professionals.

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The grades :

TPS 2 years old
PS 3 years old
MS 4 years old
GS 5 years old

Standard day for children :

Breakfast 8։15-8։50
French nursery program 9։00-15։10
Day care, extracurricular activities 15։15-17։00

Becoming a student
The objective is to teach the child to :

  • Recognize what distinguishes him/her from the others
  • Be recognized as a person by the others
  • Live with others in a community governed by rules
  • Understand what school is and what his or her place at school is

Becoming a student proceeds from a gradual process that requires both flexibility and rigor from the teacher.

Acting and expressing yourself with your body
The child discovers the possibilities of his/her body through free or guided physical activities, through activities including rules, activities of artistic expression. Thus, the child acquires an oriented image of his or her own body. The child becomes able to accomplish essential motor actions : moving, balancing and manipulating objects, throwing or receiving them.