Health and safety committee

The School Board delegates to the health and safety committee the following areas:

  • the school catering organization;
  • promotion of safety training for students and staff;
  • contributing to the improvement of health and safety conditions in the establishment;
  • the committee is interested in the working conditions of students and staff;

The committee:

  • visits all the premises of the establishment;
  • gives opinions and makes proposals; these opinions will take the form of analyzes of the difficulties encountered, assessments …
  • it seeks a methodology to give a rigorous character to the opinions of the commission, based on relevant and objective criteria and indicators: number, frequency, nature and seriousness of accidents or incidents, risk assessment.
  • it carries out studies and investigations into the nature of the risks, the accidents which have occurred or are about to occur, as well as the means to remedy them.
  • It creates working groups to investigate separate cases.