School board

The Board of Directors of the Lycée Français Anatole France Foundation

The Board of Directors gives its opinion on:

  •  The school plan, on a proposal from the school board;
  • The training plan for personnel.
  • The job map (creation, removal and transformation) of the staff;

The Board votes on the establishment’s budget and checks its correct application:

  • The Board coordinates the fundraising actions necessary for the Lycée Français Anatole France Foundation to support the investments necessary for the development of the establishment;

The internal discussions of the Board of Directors remain confidential and subject to the duty of confidentiality of the participants.

The Principal of the school communicates the decisions of the Board of Directors to the School Board, parents of students and school employees.

Board members

Olivier Decottignies
Guillaume Narjollet
Aurelie Mocoeur
Marie Vatelot-Gemin
Lusine Bardon
Vatche Arsen
Irina Ter-Abramyan