Pedagogical Council

A pedagogical council is set up in establishments that include middle/high school..

The pedagogical council, chaired by the Principal, includes all secondary grades teachers.

The pedagogical council discusses:

  • the coordination of teaching;
  • the organization of lessons into skill groups;
  • assistance and support systems for students;
  • coordination of scoring and evaluation of school activities;
  • the general terms of support for changes in orientation;
  • the modalities of linguistic and cultural exchanges.

The Pedagogical Council formulates proposals:

  • as to the arrangements for organizing personalized support, which the Principal then submits to the School Board.
  • prepares in conjunction with the teaching teams:
  • the educational part of the school plan, with a view to its adoption by the school board;
  • educational experimentation proposals,
  • specific assignments and their distribution
  • assists the Principal in the preparation of the report on the educational operation of the establishment.

All questions of educational nature can be referred  to the Pedagogical Council by the Principal or the School Board.